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Green tea isn’t hard to find, but the finding best green tea can be. Many people prefer green tea to coffee and the popularity of tea in the United States has been on the rise in recent years. This may be due in part to conflicting reports on the negative effects of consuming high levels of caffeine. The increased availability of a wide range of herbal teas on the market certainly helps as well. Green tea is also thought to have some positive health benefits, though the jury is still out on this. At the very least, there is agreement that staying happy and hydrated can’t be bad!

Where to Find the Best Green Tea?

There are many different types of tea. If you’re looking for the best green tea on the market, consider visiting a specialty tea store. Many coffee shops, whether they’re a chain or independently owned, will have a variety of the best green teas to choose from. Brewing your own tea at home is certainly a cost effective way to get your daily caffeine intake. By the cup, it’s much cheaper than coffee or soda. One source for great green tea at the right price is A great benefit to using Amazon is that you can count on other users’s reviews to give you a good idea which is the best green tea. One that has a lot of very positive reviews is the Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant:

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

While it has not been scientifically proven that green tea can prevent cancer, some tea drinkers believe that there are many medicinal and health benefit from drinking the best green tea. Green tea does contain vitamins, amino acids and dietary minerals, and of course caffeine. Although the levels of caffeine in green tea fall below the levels found in a cup of coffee, drinking tea can still give you a boost of energy which can in turn raise your spirits. According to some sources, drinking the best green teas may have other benefits, such as providing antioxidant and reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease.

How Did Tea Get Started?

The brewing of tea leaves for consumption has been practiced in China for at least four thousand years. ┬áThe story of tea’s discovery in China is dubious, however. Allegedly, when the reviled Chinese emperor, Shen Nung was banished from his kingdom four centuries ago, he was so poor he could only drink hot water. One day the wind blew some tea leaves into his cup. He drank this flavored concoction and thus tea drinking was born. There is no evidence to support this story, but tea drinking certainly could have developed out of an accidental mixing of the tea leaves with water.

Best Green Teas

How to Make the Best Green Tea

It is important to allow your tea bag or tea baller to steep or brew before you drink it. This will allow for the flavor and the chemical properties in the tea to be fully released into the water. How long you should steep your tea depends on the temperature of the water. As a general rule, the best green tea does not require the hottest temperature or the longest steeping time. However, a lower quality tea may require a higher temperature and a longer steeping time.

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All the Tea in China

China is the largest producer and exporter of tea, cornering over 80% of the word market. Japan is the second largest producer and exporter, followed by Vietnam and Indonesia. Green tea is generally harvested three times a year. Sometimes growers are able to reap a fourth harvest depending on certain variables like the weather. The camellia sinensis plant, which produces tea leaves, can be grown in either the shade or direct sunlight.

Best Green Tea

A Little Sweeter?

Many tea drinkers consume their tea straight with no sweetener. While this is certainly the best way to enjoy the full natural flavor of the best green tea, some people prefer to add milk, sugar, honey or cream. There are a wide variety of teas available. Herbal teas are very popular. Some teas are available in a caffeine-free form. Oolong, black, and ginger are other types of tea.


While coffee is the preferred, hot caffeinated beverage in the States, in Britain, tea is king. It has been estimated that 165 million cups of tea are consumed in the United Kingdom every day. That’s not quite all the tea in China, but a good portion of it for sure. When the first shipment of tea reached Europe at the beginning of the 7th Century, it was an expensive luxury and a curious novelty. It wasn’t long before a tea craze started, particularly in France. While tea drinking would eventually go out of vogue in Continental Europe, it would have a lasting impact in Britain where it gained a foothold more slowly. Once The British Empire developed a taste for the best green tea, they couldn’t get enough. Tea was imported from the Orient in large ocean going vessels called Tea Clippers. It could take these ships as long as a year to return to port with a cargo full of the best green tea.

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